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How to make money on fiverr

In this article I will show you how you can make money with fiverr without investing any money. Fiverr is a digital marketplace , where buyer and seller can make deal. Make an account on fiverr: First of all create a seller account on fiverr if you want to earn money by doing freelancing on this website. Just fill up your details  while creating your account and it does not cost you anything. Offer an Gig: On fiverr promoting your

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How to make a resume

First impressions count and your resume is the first thing about you that a potential recruiter gets to analyze. The importance of a well written, to the point resume cannot be stressed upon enough and its importance lies in the fact that the resume serves as a platform to advertise you on. Now, moving on to how you can prepare an attractive, unique resume to showcase your skills and personality traits to bag a freelancing job: Brag: We don’t mean

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